Facts About PFDs Pamphlet

Click here to view the PFDMA Facts About PFDs pamphlet

Click here to view the PFDMA Facts About PFDs pamphlet
This easy-to-read booklet provides a quick and complete overview of today's choices of life jackets, as well as their uses and performance characteristics. It also supplies facts, figures, and helpful hints about water safety.

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The PFDMA, with the aid of a US Coast Guard Grant, has developed a high energy, upbeat, educational video, which highlights the modern lifejacket in use today. Its intent is to help change behavior and inform consumers about the great choice of life jackets available. This video is an excellent tool for educators to use as part of their boating education programs. It explains the different performance characteristics of each life jacket type, their suitability for different boating activities, and showcases the lifejacket in use across the various boating segments. The video is accompanied by an excellent comprehensive "Educators' Toolkit", outlining helpful tips and educational information for use in the classroom. It is produced in both video and CD format, and can be adapted to any classroom style.

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